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Herbal compress balls
for massage

From time immemorial, skilled workmen used curative herbs and spices for a massage. Hot application was considered the best remedy for pains and exertion in the muscles and joints for centuries. Grassy sacs for massage go through the second birth and a period of popularity in the spa-salons of the entire world now. Why?

- It is very enjoyable! Hot application makes your body warm, driving tiredness and muscular pain away. At the same time heated herb and spices exhale wonderful aroma: the client gets a kind of séance of inhalation and aromatization.

- This is «yoga for the lazy people». Massage with grassy sacs literally makes your muscles and joints alive and removes muscular spasm and accumulative exertion.

- This is a brilliant detox-effect. Message application takes excessive liquid and toxins out of your system providing vivacity and lightness after the séance.

Herbolica: made in Russia under the strict control of quality.
We have studied the methods of a Thai Message for many years and have made a decision to produce grassy sacs in Russia. At all the stages of production we use our knowledge received from the Thai masters and involve them in composition of receipts. We buy exclusive herbs and spices in several countries and do our work skillfully. The quality of raw material, weight, quality of filling and lacing are meticulously checked out before our product is sent to our customers.
Exclusive herbs and spices are used!
Lemongrass, balm, turmeric, ginger, camphor, calendula, cardamom, lime, St. John’s wort, lavender, lady’s mantle, rose, common comfrey, chamomile, rosemary, milfoil, sea salt, 100% cotton material.
Способ применения
  • Heat in the steam bath (in saucepan, or microwave oven)
  • During
    10-15 minutes
  • till
    60 - 70 C

Take the sac out and make sure that its temperature is right for your skin.

Apply to your body for 3- 10 seconds with brief and solid pressure. As the sacs in the steamer are getting colder, please change them with new ones by the procedure.

It is recommended to get a massage for 20-30 minutes. You can use grassy sacs 4-5 times for one person.

Contra-indication: vascular diseases, higher blood pressure, exacerbation of skin and infectious diseases, allergic diseases, chronic purulent diseases, osteomyelitis, abscess, diabetes, intolerance of herbs and camphor, pregnancy. You shouldn’t get a massage after drinking alcohol and eating food. Before applying, please, consult a doctor.

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Стоимость доставки до пункта выдачи заказа в вашем городе - 300 рублей , до двери клиента - 500 рублей.
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